Are you really listening to your customers?

Turn your understanding of your customers into opportunities for real, meaningful connections with them. Listen to what they are really saying, not just their responses to surveys, but what they tell you when they do business (or stop doing business) with your company.

Your most precious asset, no matter what business you have, is your existing customers. Talk to them when they arrive at your place of business. Talk to them when you deliver your service to them. Talk to them when they call. They will tell you what’s really on their minds, and you can take that feedback and use it to improve their experience.

You may be asking, “How can this type of customer listening be used in larger businesses?” Easy! Every business connects with its customers every day. Capturing these interactions and translating what customers are saying as they do business with the company will, in my opinion, prove to be more valuable than all the big data you will ever collect.

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